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Does your dog itch? Is your cat scratching?

Fleas are the commonest external parasite of dogs and cats!

But they're not the only one...

So, here's the MyVetMeds simple guide to Dog and Cat Parasites...


These are the biggest problem for dogs and cats in the UK. They live all around us, hiding in the carpet then jumping up to bite dogs, cats (and us!) and lay their eggs.

Did you know...

  • An adult flea can lay 50 eggs per day?

  • 90% of fleas exist as eggs, hidden away in the carpet?

  • If a flea was as big as a human, it could jump 400m!

  • Although fleas can travel from pet to pet, normally once they've found one they like, they stay there.

Adult fleas hide in the carpet and on the ground, in a kind of hibernation. When they detect a dog, or cat, or human moving past, they wake up and jump on board.

The eggs they lay fall off the pet onto the ground. in 2-10 days they develop into larvae. When they've grown big enough, they turn into pupae and wait until a suitable meal comes walking by...

Flea bites really, really itch! In fact, some pets become so allergic that even a single bite can set off generalised skin disease, called Flea Allergic Dermatitis.

Pupae are almost indestructible, so the best way to deal with fleas is to kill the adults, and keep killing them until the life cycle is broken.

Frontline Spot On kills the adults, and last for up to 5 weeks in cats and 2 months in dogs!


Ticks are found all across the UK - in the countryside, in gardens and in urban parks. The adults climb up as high as they can (called "questing") and wait for a suitable victim to come past... They then climb on board and begin drinking blood. They swell up and get bigger, and bigger , and bigger... They feed for between 3 and 10 days, until eventually, they're so full they fall off. Then they lay their eggs on the ground, ready for another generation.

When a tick is feeding, its very important not to just pull it off, as that can leave the mouthparts embedded in your pet's skin, where they can cause abscesses and granulomas. Instead, use a proper tool like the Mikki Tick Picker, or the TicknerVet System.

Ticks are especially dangerous because they can transmit diseases so well. In the UK, the commonest are Lymes Disease (which can also affect humans as well as dogs and occasionally cats) and Anaplamosis.

Although Frontline doesn't stop ticks attaching, it kills them, usually within 24 hours, hugely reducing the risk of disease transmission.


Lice are wingless insects, and every animal has its own variety - dog lice on dogs, cat lice on cats etc. Fortunately, neither of these can live on humans!

Lice live on pets for their whole life, but can be transmitted from one animal to another just by brushing past.

Fortunately, healthy pets rarely have louse infestations - it's usually the young, or weak, or sick that have trouble.

Frontline kills lice within 48 hours.

Why risk it? frontline gives all-round protection against ALL these nasties, in a convenient spot-on pipette!

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